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  Scholastic SmartTech for Teachers
(Login to the Smart Exchange to access a variety of resources within Smart Notebook.)
 Scholastic Interactive WhiteBoard Activities
Choose from several whiteboard activities covering these content areas; Lang. Arts, S. Studies, Science, Math, Learning Games, & Teaching Tools 

Scholastic Interactive

 PBS Kids Interactive SmartBoard Games
Here is our collection of interactive whiteboard           
games for educators on PBS KIDS. Students 
will enjoy participating in these collaborative, 
fun and engaging experiences, while exploring 
curriculum from trusted programs such as 
Curious George, Super Why and Arthur. 
Like our programs, all of our games are 
age-appropriate and vetted by educators.
 PBS Kids


 BrainPop for Educators
A great place to search for videos,
lesson plans, webinars, and keep 
up-to-date with the latest happenings
with BrainPop & BrainPop, Jr.

 Learn360 Support Center
This site contains everything
to get you started, tips & tricks, training
and tutorials; as well as online support.
Check it out to learn more about
   Learn 360 and what it has to offer.
 BrainPop  Learn 360
A great way for all students to learn
computer science and be exposed to
basic coding. This free resources is
available to all K-8 teachers & students

Read, Write, Think
These Student Interactives are great to
use in conjunction with a variety of
lesson plans and activities on the
RWT website. 

 Code  Read Write Think